The Modal Auxiliary Verbs

The modal auxiliary verbs adalah kata-kata seperti can, will, shall, may, might, should, ought to, must, could yang digunakan bersama dengan kata kerja dan ditempatkan di depan subyek.
  • The Modal auxiliary verb dan kata kerja yang mengikutinya tidak mengalami perubahan untuk     orang dan jumlah
  • The modal auxiliary verb ditempatkan segera sesudah subyek kalimat.

(Positive)                             They can do it
(Negative)                           They can not do it
(Questions)                          Can they do it:
Short Answer                      Yes, they can/not, they can’t

Bentuk dan arti dari the modal auxiliary verbs:
1.       Will (Future)
·         They will come here on time
2.       Could (ability in the past, possibility)
·         She could climb when she wa still young. (ability in the past)
·         She could come in a minute. (possibility)
3.       Can (ability, permission)
·         He can play the pino. (ability)
·         They can play football here. (Permission)
4.       May (Pemission, possibility)
·         The children may play here. (permission)
·         He may get a raise. (possibility)
5.       Might (Possibility)
·         He might get a rise in his salary. (possibility)
6.       Should/ought to (obligation, desirability)
·         Students ought to/should study regularly. (obligation)
·         You ought not to/shouldn’t drink and drive. (desirability)
7.       Must (conclusion, probability, necessity)
·         He must be twenty years old. (conclusion, probability)
·         You must be hungry. (conclusion, probability)
·         You must study tonight.

Cobalah latihan berikut ini.
·         Tambahlan to dimana perlu, Jika to tidak diperlukan, tulislah Æ dibagian yang kosong.
1.       I have ... go down tomorrow.
2.       Tom can ... play soccer.
3.       Could you please ... open the window?
4.       The students must ... learn all of the irregular verbs.
5.       Sally has ... do her history.
6.       I think you should ... take better care of yourself.
7.       I ought ... go to the office this afternoon.
8.       Would you ... speak more slowly, please?
9.       We may ... go to Argentina for our vacation.
10.   Will you please ... mail this letter for me?

·         Lengkapi kalimat dengan can dan can’t
1.       A cat ... climb trees, but it ... fly
2.       A fish ... walk, but it ... swim
3.       A dog ... bark, but it ... sing
4.       You ... buy stamps at the post office, but you ... buy shoes there.
5.       A tiny baby ... cry, but it ... talk
6.       I ... write with a pen, but I ... write with a paper clip
7.       I ... read book by noonlight, but I ... read in sunlight.
8.       Trees ... produce oxygen, but rocks ... .
9.       Fish ... live in air, but they ... live in water.
10.   You ... store water in a glass jar, but you ... store it in a paper bag.


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