Giving Opinion

In our daily activities we sometimes give opinion about something, it is related about expressing our idea, so I will give some examples about how to give opinion.
Mark       : What do you think of the new television channel? aren’t the program awful?
Jane     : I agree with you. They’re terrible. They are complete waste of time.
Mark       : What bothers me is the violence. There are far too many detective and police shows.
Jane      : I think so. There aren’t enough educational programs. And even the news shows are not well done.
Mark         : you’re right. They’re too brief they don’t tell you anything.

That’s one of the examples that I could give, the sentences which bold typed is expression of giving opinion. Another expression that you can learn is like these:
1.      I think smoking …
2.      I don’t think the film are …
3.      What do you think of …
4.      Do you agree if all young people are obliged to join military?
5.      Could I ask for your reaction to that issue?
6.      It seems to me that today advertisements exploit women.
7.    I think it would be fair to say that he is right but she is also not wrong.
8.      I don’t think join the military is a good choice.
9.     I am absolutely convinced that violence films on TV bring bad effects to our young children.