STKIP (tthe institute of teacher training and education) “Pamane Talino” established in Landak in 2011 (part 1)

We are as Landak inhabitant has to be proud of the presence of This high Institution which will give us multi effects in our region, the first of all is developing education that becomes our developed fundamental in our country, the society in Ngabang is very enthusiastic in presenting of this new high education institution and they hope it will be qualified teacher graduation for West Borneo and Indonesia commonly.

Three major Programs that become the choice of students, those are: English program, mathematic program and sport program. All programs are in bachelor degree. These programs become favorite by all students that will be the candidate of teachers. It is proved more than 1.000 students have enrolled be the students in the school, that’s fantastic numbers for the new education high school. The students can choose their favorite program and test for their competence.

So what are the multi effects for the development of Landak regency?
  • It is a pride of new regency that has a high institution,
  • Landak regency will have a lot of teachers in the future
  • It will encourage teachers in Landak regency to develop and improve their way of teaching with learning teaching to the competent lecturer in the institution
  • It will become the center of teaching research for the overall teacher in Landak.
  • In business point of view, it becomes very benefit for boarding house entrepreneur, where more than 1000 students need houses for their live, so it’s very good opportunity for them to develop their business.
  • Etc.
 The people in Landak regency must take this opportunity both for developing science and business world.

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