Easter Celebration at GPPIK "Timotius" Ngabang

Today March 29, 2013 we are as the congregation of GPPIK church Ngabang was very happy because we did many activities in celebrating Easter this year, one of them was doing healthy walking with all congregation of the church and we also invite neighborhood church around Ngabang city. Happy, happy and happy that was the expression all the congregation of the church...
Here are those pictures...
ready to exercise
The moment before healthy walking
The head of committee is giving instruction
The head of Youth reads the number
Happy Expression
Healthy walking
After healthy walking
The sighseeing from the above of the church
Tired,,, Thirsty,,, but still happy..
Praying before healthy walking
with happy family
In front of The Church
Outstanding Espression of Youth
a father and his son
Smile,,, They got Present from the committee

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  1. that's astonishing moment, gppik ngb