Vocal Group, Why Not??

One of the most memorable moment in this easter day was when my music team showed vocal group contest in my church Ngabang city, that was the moment when I and my friends could come together in one activity, although without enough and good preparation, we could do the best for our God. We didn't care about becoming the winner or not, the most important was we could serve and gathered with our friends.
I think our song is good with accapella, sing without music instruments, so it is showed by our pure voice. in the preparation and practice before we showed, we only had three times to practice that song, but wow.., the result was not bad.
After that moment we think about another planning, next not only in easter or christmas day but every two months we will practice singing together and show it in front of the the altar of the church, it only for service of God. 
Yes, Only serve God, Jesus Christ...

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