Drink a cup of coffee in the morning ...

Morning without drinking a cup of coffee is incomplete, start the day with drink it. I don't know why I should drink it everyday, but I feel so fresh after drink it, a cup of coffee can be inspired me.
What is the inspiration can come to our mind?, much, yes much inspiration that can make our mind brighter.
I do this activity everyday, I mean drinking a cup of coffee, which can bring us to real activity like doing our job.
In writing this posting while i am drinking a cup of coffee I write about my home town Ngbang, yes Ngabang is my home town. Ngabang is the capital of Landak Regency where located in Kalimantan Barat. 

Ngabang's forest
I have many questions address to our local government, but one thing that I always remember is about tourism object or public place for the people. There is no open place to gather with friends, no representative tourism object here. Local government have ever planned to built town park in Km 3, where people in Ngabang town can enjoy, gather and hang out. But all the planning has not realized until now.

Landak's Keraton
In my opinion Ngabang has many recreational places to evolve, First is the forest around it. Forest can be a palce to develope by the local government, forest is green, forest can be a beautiful park and certainly still nature. The second is Landak river, the local government should has a lot of idea about how to develop Landak river in order to be a recreational place. But what happen to our river now, it has contaminated with rubbish, illegal gold timber, and the fact now the river can not be used as a consumption and other activities. In addition landak river can be develope become a water recreation.

Landak's River
The next is Landak's keraton, this is historical heritage. It can be tourism object that of course can attract tourist both domestic and international tourist, but it must be managed well, and make it very interesting to enjoy and explor.
And finally still many objects and traditional cultures can be explor and develop by local government, I think this is the moment for us and local government to support each other to create and develop our potential object.......

-- Adil Ka Talino Bacuramin Ka Saruga Basengat Ka Jubata --

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