The impact of social media in developing knowledge

Social media currently become crucial for almost people. It can be positive and negative impact, but in this moment specially I will write about positive things from social media. most of adult has used this media to connect them with their interpersonal life. There are many kinds of social media that can be a choice to use e.g : facebook, twitter, bogspot, etc. We can also use all of them that suitable with our favor. If you like to share and look for new friends or keep in touch with your old friends, certainly you can use facebook to cover your want, and then if you like to write something about your thought you can use blogspot, or twitter to cover all you relationship. Thereby we are as a user of them, we have to be able to choose which is the best for us, which will benefit us.

In educational world, it also has positive impact for teachers and students. Many teachers have used this sophisticated technology for educational aims, they used it to connect with their students and the most crucial thing is easily they can look for the newest information about their subject. The teachers also can connect and keep in touch with other teachers in all over the world, and of course they can share their knowledge each others. For students, social media can help them to communicate with their classmate out of school, they also can share about their problem in learning, certainly they also can look for the information they need to do their homework or assigment given by their teachers or instructors. For both teachers and students, the teachers are able to make a page in facebook to gather all students in the school to join the page, and in the page they can share knowledge or subject to each others and also the students can ask questions, ask explanations that can't not be tackled in classroom.

Teacher is the leader of the class. He is the source of information for the students. He is the guide to get knowledge. Thereby teacher has a compulsory to provide all the students' needs above, so teacher must learn much than student, if student wants to know about something, of course the teacher has able to answer with clear exlpanation. 

Social media has become something crucial in small town and as well as village where availability of library and other sources are almost nothing. In the social media like facebook, we can join to a group where the members share e-book or downloadable source. Now everything can be shared from one country to another country through social media, we are able to visit visual library without attending to the library, we only provide one laptop and internet connection we can directly invite, connect, share, download and even to communicate with public figure that be our idol.

And finally I would suggest specially to teachers in Indonesia to use a social media to increase their knowledge. Teachers must learn, teachers must encourage students to read more. And of course theachers must be able to be their idol, their guide, and their best personal that can be followed by them.
I hope the education in Indonesia will be better in the future. Bravo Indonesia!..


  1. I find something increadible using social media for education need.

    1. Yes,, Can you share what is the incredible things from social media that you find??