Bagan Asam's New Road

Teachers in remote area have many challenges, one of them is how to teach students to have a social skill. I think this skill is needed and important to all school in the world. In remote area, as a teacher we are demanded in order to have social skill too, we must able to sociate and get in touch with villagers where their life is so simple, yes they have simple life, everyday they go to the forest to do some activities like go fishing, hunting animal, gardening, etc.
nearly 100% the villagers are rubber farmer, so they spend their time in the forest everyday. after they take the rubber they continue with another activities like hunting animal for the men, and for the women they direct to go home to prepare lunch or dinner for their husband and children. 
This is Bagan Asam village, where situated in Sanggau regency, Kalimantan Barat and this village is included remote area because of many reasons and one of them is isolated place where if someone wants to go to this village must pass the river on boat,There is no land road.
Good news was happened in this village where head of village elected two months ago was someone from this village. It means that all village control, management and leader are from this village. so, what is the first benefit for the situation?, yes, finally we have a land road which is built by coorporation through CSR program from the enterprise that operate around in this village.
I like this situation and so do the villagers, they are very happy, finally they can see and walk on this road even though this road is still in bad condition where motocycle and car can not use this road, but we hope our local government pay attention serously to this condition, we want to have a permanent road that can connect one place to another.
Not only for the villagers but also for school citizen are very happy, of course this conditon will make us more easy to handle this school...

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