Congratulation for all students of SMPN 3 SATAP TOBA!

Although we only have 6 students in our school, we thank God that He gaves us a big opportunity to teach students in remote area. Actually, having six students in one school like junior high school is not enough, may be the ideal is at least fifty students, so we can do an effective study where the students can compete each others. In this condition I mean have only six students we can not do many things, for example: if we want to play sport like volly ball, football, Futsal, etc, so how can we do the sports, Volleyball needs twelve and football needs twenty two students. Only few things that we can do in developing the activities.

We also thank to all villagers, they have been helping us in supporting the students in learning at home, without them, we can not do many things in developing school program. You know it is very difficult to order them to come to school everyday, they are more interesting to make money with going to the forest to look for rubber, hunting animals. They also help their family economy.

One thing that makes us very happy that is all of them passed the national final examination. Althought we don not have many facilities, but we can teach them well, so they can study and get good mark. Congratulation fo all students of Bagan Asam Junior High School and God bless you all.

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