After fifteen years, I visit my isolated village (Lumar).

Engkanyar (Lumar) is one of hundred villages in Landak regency, West Borneo. This is my visiting after I graduated from Senior High School more than fifteen years ago. At that time, Engkanyar was very isolated village where someone wanted to go there must prepare everything. You know, we have to prepare our physical first, because if we want to reach in one day, so we have to go on foot, yes, just on foot. You can imagine, if we walk all the time in one day without stopping in a long time, I mean we stop just take arest in a couple time, after that we have to continue walk before the day dark. 

Actually, we have two choices if we want to go to the village, first one we can go on foot, and the second one we can go through river with motor boat, but it takes about two days and this way can be used if there is motor boat that want to go there,and if there is no motor boat, we have to wait until it's available. It was very isolated village at that time. But although the way was very difficult to reach, every one or two years I visited my village with my friends. 
The condition I described above is very different from recently condition. It takes only two hours from the place where I live now, Ngabang. Yes, now I and other villagers can go to it whenever we want. We should thanks to the company which built their business at the village, it has impact to the developing of our village, and in fact our road can be passed by car or motorcycle, besides that, the developing of human resources increase step by step, local government has built elementary school and junior high school at there. 

I think this village is more Exciting than fifteen years ago, and the most important is the villagers are very kind to visitors. God bless this village and the villagers.

These pictures will show you the newest of Engkanyar condition ...

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