Perhaps these hobbies can relieve your stress, Try them!

Who's never felt stress in life?, Who's never had problem in life?, I think as a human being we naturally have ever felt the stress and problem. Stress can come to our life anytime and stress can be caused of a lot of things, e.g : Our work, or perhaps unemployment person can be a cause of stress. Becareful with our mind and thinking about something that we can not reach can cause stress too. So, just relax don't think too much, take a rest if you feel tired.
But to relieve the stress someone can do many things that he or she regards it can relieve it. In my opinion the activities can releive the stress can be various, these are:

Actually this activity is very useful not only for a hobby but also can make money. In this case I write about the hobby. If you have a large house yard  both in front of and back of the house you can manage it become something beautiful and useful. This is the best way to overcome our negative thinking about something, someone or situation we face. I think we can grow various plantings like fruit and flowers.

The next is blogging, for some people write blog can cause stress, because in writing blog we think a lot. Of course this opinion is depend on someone's opinion. In my opinion, writing blog is one of the best activity, with this I can express my thoughts.

Fotography is one of hobby that can be a professional job, with learning this hobby seriously, we can take a lot of advantages, like enjoying the time with friends, go everywhere to look for a good sighseeing to take picture, make a photographer club that can share anything about taking picture and of course at last this hobby can make money.


Book Club
This hobby is for someone who loves reading book, it usually does by swaping short-story book each others. Book is the most important thing in learning something, a lot of reading will make us understand the world. This club commonly exist in city, because at there many books are available to swap among book collection. In small town or village the book collectors can not make a club because the condition and unavailable book. In small town also there is not library and complete book store.

This is other hobbies besides Book Club which collects and swaps the book. Many things we can collect e,g : stamps collection, flowers collection, toys collection, bottles collection, and the like. To relieve our stress or boring about something we can begin with collection something that we like. If we like natural condition we can collect some flowers, and perhaps if we like stamps we can collect stamp from various coountries in this world and also we can know or make friends with foreign stamp collectors.
Playing Music
One of hobby most teenagers like is playing music. With playing music they can develop their skill in playing   music instrument and even if they learn it seriously it can become a professional job like an musci artist, band, etc. Not only teenagers like playing such kinds of music instrument but also many adults like to play music. Most of them says that it is the best way to relieve stress and also it can inspire.

Most people like this hobby from children, teenagers, adults and even old people like this hobby. With doing exercise not only we will get helthy body but also we can gather with sport lovers. Many kinds of sport we can do everyday or weekend like healthy walking, jogging, football club, tennis club, badminton club or futsal club. I think the most easiest and the most cheapest sport is Jogging, Jogging is simple sport, only with walking or running we can get fresh and of course can relieve stresss.

I hope this writing will be useful for all readers, thanks for dropping by at my blog. Please share anything you know about hobby or your hobbies to resonse this blog by giving a comment below.. God bless you All...

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