Beberapa Pronunciation


Fat ≠ Fought (Past tense of fight)
Dad ≠ Dead

Beginning of the word:
After, Animal, Ask, Am,

Middle of the word:
Fat, Back, Last, Have,

·         At last I have a chance
·         I can’t stand that class
·         I’ll be back
·         I have to cram for my exam
·         I need cash, please … send me some fast

SH Pronunciation
Shoe ≠ Sue or chew
Ship ≠ Sip or Chip

1.       “SH” beginning of word
Share, Shake, Shy, Showgirl

2.       “SH” Middle of the word
Mission, Ocean, Washer, Tissue

3.       “SH” End of the word
English, Fish, Trash, Punish

Try some Phrases
·         Do you think the shy showgirl will shake her shoes for me?
·         Shame on you
·         The showgirl will punish anyone on the ship who doesn’t clear speak English
·         That’s outlandish Tino, get me some tissue and please put the dishtowels in the washer
·         Will you share your fish That you caught in the ocean
·         On our mission to clean up the trash

The TH Sound
Voiceless θ
Voiced  ð

How to tell the difference between Voiceless and Voiced
Math, Thank you, tooth, Bath, Mouth, Through, Something, Nothing, Healthy, Both, 
I will eat anything healthy with my teeth
Thank you for driving back and forth this month
I think Beth is travelling north on the path
This, There, Then, Breathe, That, The, Brother, Either, Other, Smooth,
Improve your English, then celebrate!
That Mother can’t breathe
I rather like this weather


Deep ≠ Dip
Feet ≠ Fit
Keep ≠ Kip
Meet ≠ Met
Neat ≠ Nit
Seat ≠ Sit

Beginning of the word
Each, Eat,

Middle of the word
Please, Leave,

End of word
Key, Free,

·         I want to greet her politely when me meet next week
·         I want to keep my feet very strong
·         That idea is very deep, wow … I need to take a seat

Sound at beginning of the word:
Is, If, It, ill, In, Imitate

Sound at the middle of the word:
Gym, Give, Miss, Listen, Sin
·         Is this my sister?
·         The difference in buildings will give you a hint
·         I will sit with her in a minute
·         Millions will see you on television if you will win

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