Teaching English, for the first time

It was September in 2005, the time when I was in the class for the first time, after I graduated and got my economic bachelor degree and before that I had gotten my English diploma degree in 2002, I had a chance to prove that I could also teach as a teacher at large. Actually I didn’t want to be a teacher but because in State Junior high school number one Ngabang in lack of English teacher, so I was called by the curriculum advisor whom I knew well for helping the school to teach English. At the time I didn’t have any works so I accepted the offer, I tried to prepare myself with enough books like grammar book, English text book, reading book and the others. 

At seven o’clock all the students entered the class, it meant they were ready to accept the lesson from the teacher, I and other teachers were still in the teacher’s room and it was a chance for me to introduce myself to fellow teachers and to know each other. After that I began to walk toward my class, I remembered that time I entered class VIII. C and with full confidence I directly entered the class and smiled to all students.  Then the students stood up to give honor to me as their new English teacher, they greeted “Good morning sir”, I responded it. The students sat down again, and it was the time for me to control all the students in the class.
Actually I didn’t have any materials to deliver to the students, I only brought one text book that my English fellow teacher gave to me as a guide, I opened the book, looked the contents of the book, and then I asked the students about what was the page that I had to teach, but the students told me that they had not studied the book yet, the formerly teacher only gave them many tasks. Then I called the roll, I wanted to know their name one by one, but suddenly the leader of the class said that I had not introduced myself, Okay that time I introduced myself and I continued called the roll again.

My first explanation is about “the use of To Be”, I explained it very careful and slowly and until the end of the time I had never stopped talking about the subject, That was very tired time for me I didn’t sat and always stood up to explain the lesson until the bell rang.
That was the first experience, and it made me very impressed brought me to be a teacher until now and forever …

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  1. pak, ceritakan pengalaman yang baru belajar bahasa inggris dong, hehe