First, What do you think about this picture??, Have you ever Gone or travelled by Speedboat like in my picture?, It's interesting or boring or just make you afraid ...
it's my daily activity every Monday until friday, sometimes it makes me very happy because I can see natural things and float on the water with the small boat and sceneries inside the river make me very fresh, that are still natural, still many monkeys and other animals that attract me.
We are always happy with the villagers together in the small boat, they always pick me up when I come to the village and the most makes me impressed is they (the villagers) very very care about education, they help the teachers, students, school environments and all needs include Cost for students, they look for money both from the villagers and mining company that operate near the village. The villagers live peaceful and welcome for the guest, teachers or new comers... God bless..


  1. wow, that's very extremely experience, I wanna try it.

  2. Please come to Bagan Asam, you will feel that circumstance.
    thanks for the comment