English Club for me ..

There are many ways to improve our English writing skill, like using Private teacher, Reading many books in English, Listening the radio and podcast, making an English discussion group, or chatting in social networking like facebook or twitter. I read a lot of articles both English and Indonesia and I like it very much, but in small city like Ngabang, it is not easy to share or express our idea or opinion in writing form both in English and Indonesian. I usually share my knowledge in the school where my students listen, learn and do my order after that, but it is not enough I am as a teacher need to share information and experiences to others and I also need to make friends both with the same country and another countries.

For the first time I used facebook social network for improving my English skill mainly in writing, I looked for friends in other countries that used English as their language like English speaking country but it was not enough, I really wanted to improve my writing skill and I typed “English Club” in the google search engine, so I found the amazing website called English Club. (http://www.englishclub.com)

I made my personal account and I began to write, then in a few minutes I looked response for my first writing and it made me very impressed then I wrote another title for my next blog, I liked to write my experiences as a teacher in remote area and also gave a photo for every blog I made, I wanted to share that Living in remote area is not easy because of lack anything.